Back to Writing

I’ve kind have come full circle again. I begin chasing dreams, and then go waaaay of course, and of course, one day, I end up right back where I was. I started writing again, but not in the same way that I used to. I am finding that each time I get back to the creative state that I used to harness, it is that much harder to let go of my inhibitions.

I remember a time when writing a song came naturally, when writing a poem was fun and easy, and writing fiction was an exercise in imagination- not a laborious task. Lately, when I do get the opportunity to write, I will hit a stride, and it feels amazing. It’s fun!

So, this is where I might place some of my writing. Do people post any short stories, prompts, fiction, poetry on their blogs? That idea already sounds bad. I can imagine the thousands of really bad writing that must get “self-published” on blogs and other websites. Maybe better hold off on that idea. I can talk about what I’m writing or working on.