Strength to be Human

Strength to be Human

These are my thoughts outside myself, expressed as if no one is here and watching. At least I’d like to think so. But as soon as I give that much away of myself, pieces of the real me, slowly adapting into what the world wants me to be, I rebel. And not in healthy ways most of the time.

But what is this letter really about? It’s about what’s going on with me and you. It’s November third and I’m squeezing every ounce of creativity out of me. For some reason in the past week or two there’s not much coming from there. I have to remind myself that this happens every so often. I have to remind myself that like changes in seasons there are changes in ourselves. I have to retell the story of forgiving me and you. I have to move with the wind’s traffic, flying through invisible roadways, and stop when the earth is still. How are you feeling?

I just did an interview with Mark Antony Rossi on his Podcast, Strength To be Human. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can check it out here. Give it a listen when your driving in and around the city. Pick your highway, you’ll be on it for at least an hour. There’s no need to drive yourself mad- listen to me ramble for a bit. Try rambling by yourself. If you’re alone, no one can judge you- or at least can’t see it.

Applying to MFA programs

Right now, there are only three MFA Creative Writing in Poetry programs I’m applying to: University of Houston, University of Illinois Chicago and University of Texas El Paso. I am still planning on applying to University of Nevada Las Vegas as time permits. The long application process can be exhausting in and of itself. I guess it weeds out hundreds of potential applicants. I am still waiting on a couple of recommendation letters and transcripts to be sent , but other than that, the applications look alright so far. I want to be able to write speculative poetry while it still being literary. I like through-lines in my poetry, and I’d like to see that across each of my books and all of them.


My wife is pregnant with our third (and final) child. We are beginning to think of names and renovate parts of our house. My wife has been on bed rest, and it gets a little rough with the kids sometimes, but nothing I can’t handle. At least right now.

I am starting a mentorship through Crystal Lake Publishing with Stephanie Wytovich, which I am so excited about. More on that later. I will be posting about once a month during this coming year. An this is where I’ll leave you. I hope you have a fun post-Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos weekend. >:D That’s pretty much it for now. Peace!