Sailing Santa


This is an amazing ale. I’m starting to cook up some nachos for dinner with my wife while enjoying this. I picked it all up at Kroger and paid with the $50 gift card I received at work… Sweet.

I helped write the Thanksgiving greeting card they sent out to the employees. It feels good to see my words used like that. I’ve never seen them in greeting card format.


Back to Writing

I’ve kind have come full circle again. I begin chasing dreams, and then go waaaay of course, and of course, one day, I end up right back where I was. I started writing again, but not in the same way that I used to. I am finding that each time I get back to the creative state that I used to harness, it is that much harder to let go of my inhibitions.

I remember a time when writing a song came naturally, when writing a poem was fun and easy, and writing fiction was an exercise in imagination- not a laborious task. Lately, when I do get the opportunity to write, I will hit a stride, and it feels amazing. It’s fun!

So, this is where I might place some of my writing. Do people post any short stories, prompts, fiction, poetry on their blogs? That idea already sounds bad. I can imagine the thousands of really bad writing that must get “self-published” on blogs and other websites. Maybe better hold off on that idea. I can talk about what I’m writing or working on.

Saint Arnold Octoberfest

I look forward to this every year. It’s my favorite seasonal from SA and it’s always down to the last one or two at the store.

It pours with a little head that dissipates quickly.

It’s got a deep golden copper hue. I have to admit, I let this one get too cold, so it lost some of its’ aroma and complex taste. A good one. Cheers!

Beaucoup Bar & Grill

IMG_20130417_124202_631 This sandwich was delicious, although my wife asked me what kind of sandwich is worth $13.50… After thinking about it, even though this tilapia jerk sandwich was good, it wasn’t worth $13.50. The second time I came here, the crawfish bread appetizer was awesome, but it’s as big as a meal. In the grand scheme of things they price out of quantity and service, not so much quality of food.